The Hamburger Story

“McDonald’s used to have twenty-nine cent hamburgers on Wednesdays. So I would go in and order 50 of those at one time, a large fry and a Diet Coke. I’d eat a couple of them while I was there, but then I’d take the rest home and freeze them…and I could eat all week for fifteen bucks!”
Wallin continues, “Then one day I learned my car was going to be repossessed if I didn’t come up with $840! Well it may as well have been a million, because I didn’t have $8. I was ready to move back home, because I didn’t think I had any options. But thankfully, I’d been pitching [songs] to King Lizard Music. Well, they called me and were interested in having me write for them. I went down the next day, and ironically, they wrote me a check for $900. I wired $840 to cover my car payment. That was a Tuesday, and on that Wednesday, I went to McDonald’s and ordered 100 hamburgers, and I ate for two weeks until I got my next paycheck. And I had that car for a long time.”

Has Chris ever chased a Wallaby? Why yes...yes he has.

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Chris once knocked himself out of the #1 position on the Billboard Charts.

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