The Hamburger Story

“McDonald’s used to have twenty-nine cent hamburgers on Wednesdays. So I would go in and order 50 of those at one time, a large fry and a Diet Coke. I’d eat a couple of them while I was there, but then I’d take the rest home and freeze them…and I could eat all week for fifteen bucks!”
Wallin continues, “Then one day I learned my car was going to be repossessed if I didn’t come up with $840! Well it may as well have been a million, because I didn’t have $8. I was ready to move back home, because I didn’t think I had any options. But thankfully, I’d been pitching [songs] to King Lizard Music. Well, they called me and were interested in having me write for them. I went down the next day, and ironically, they wrote me a check for $900. I wired $840 to cover my car payment. That was a Tuesday, and on that Wednesday, I went to McDonald’s and ordered 100 hamburgers, and I ate for two weeks until I got my next paycheck. And I had that car for a long time.”

Has Chris ever chased a Wallaby? Why yes...yes he has.

"I use to work at an exotic animal farm in Dandridge, TN . I've shoveled every kind of manure you can think of . Lion, tiger, ostrich and the list goes on. You can say Im a "entramanure". So one day all the wallabies got out (I have no idea how). We all were running around with fish nets after wallabies which let me tell you are faster than you think! Back then I was about 70 pounds heavier than I am now so I didn't have much steam to chase a critter around as it was. The one I was chasing went under a fence and on to a 2 lane road. So here is a 290 pound redneck running down the road with a net chasing a small kangaroo . Cars were slowing down. For that matter so was I!! I was loosing steam and I knew it. I had one last thing to try. I lunged forward and dove with the net and it went around the wallaby and I quickly twisted the net so it couldn't escape. I got it! From the road I here applause, yes applause coming from the cars that have now completly stopped . I took a bow and said "You don't see that shit everyday now do you?!" Some memories become instantly permanent ....

Chris once knocked himself out of the #1 position on the Billboard Charts.

I had a number one song at the time on the billboard charts called LOVE ME IF YOU CAN by Toby Keith. Toby label called me and said "Well we really thought this was gonna be a multi week song but it looks like its gonna be overtaken this week by another song." I was like well at least we were at #1! she agreed and she hang up. What I didn't tell her is that I also wrote the song that knocked us out of the number one position. That song was Don't Blink by Kenny Chesney. I was number one for well over a month. I need another month like that!!